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Contrasts of Italy – Florence

Florence, the Beacon of the Renaissance Part 4: Contrasts of Italy – Florence & the Cinque Terre by: Emmy Hermes, Guest Contributor Tucked away in the foothills of Tuscany lies the next stop on our “Contrasts of Italy” blog series. Renowned for its unmatched landscape, the region of Tuscany is situated north of Rome and south…


Contrasts of Italy Rome

Contrasts of Italy – Rome   Part 2: Rome – The Eternal City by: Emmy Hermes, Guest Contributor    In Part 2 of this blog series, Contrasts of Italy, Rome is our next stop. Rome (Roma) is often referred to as The Eternal City – a designation that is by no means a hollow title. In…


Contrasts of Italy Venice

Contrasts of Italy Venice   Part 1: Venice – La Serenissima by: Emmy Hermes, Guest Contributor Italy is a land of contrasts, offering visitors enough diverse land and cityscapes to fulfill all five senses.  A trip to Italy isn’t truly complete without at least a couple of days set aside for the unique and enchanting Venice…


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