Puglia Tours

Puglia tours

Take a tour in Puglia, a region that makes up the ‘heel’ of Italy and is a rare gem not as well known by tourists. The beauty of Puglia is the unique combination of five hundred miles of Ionian and Adriatic coastline, vineyards, farmland and thousands of olives trees. In fact, Puglia produces the largest amount of olive oil in Italy.

Bari, the capital of Puglia, is one of the two major port towns (Brindisi being the second). Beyond these, several seaside towns are sprinkled throughout the coastline and farmhouses are scattered within the countryside. From one coast to another, Puglia has its own individual style, varied landscape and timeless traditions to be discovered on one of our tours in Puglia.

Puglia’s architectural diversity is immense. Some cities reflect a Grecian influence with white washed houses, like Ostuni, and others are Baroque in style. The most popular being the Baroque city of Lecce, described as the ‘Florence of the South’. Then, there is the unique city of Alberobello, famous for over 1000 whitewashed ‘trulli’, circular buildings with conical roofs that cannot be found anywhere else in Italy.

There is something special about taking a leisurely ‘passeggiatta’ (stroll) within these peaceful towns, as the local people have done for centuries. Walk along the quaint cobblestone streets, admire the handmade ceramics and drop into the trusted café for an espresso where you will hear the locals chatting about times gone by.

Your Friend In Italy will help you indulge all of your senses. We invite you to experience the true heart of Italy with us on our Puglia Tours.

Puglia’s five hundred mile coastline consists of some sandy beaches and also rocky coves.  Rich in agricultural activity you will find many vineyards and farms here along with thousands of olive groves.  In fact there are so many olive trees in this region that Puglia is famous for being the most prolific producer of olive oil in all of Italy.

It is, though, a region steeped in history and intrigue with many fortifications dotted along the southern coastline.  Throughout history Puglia has been an area of strategic importance due to its unique position in the Mediterranean region and today there are two major sea ports in Bari (the regional capital) and Brindisi.

In Puglia there is a unique architectural feature that is found mostly in the Valley of Itria, although some are present elsewhere in the region. The famous ‘trulli’ buildings are circular in design, built with dry stone walls and conical roofs.  Most date back to the 14th century and many are still lived in even today. The must-see town of Alberobello is where most of these amazing trulli can be found and are a true example of the timelessness of Puglia.

Take a tour in Puglia for the essence of this historic region.


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