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Rome, known as the Eternal City and home to the Vatican, is also the centrepiece of Lazio tourism.

Venture through the Roman Forum where great Emperors once stood and let a private tour guide bring this breathtaking city to life on a walking tour of Rome. Take your mind back to ancient times and listen to the chant of the crowd as they cheer on a Gladiator fight in the Rome Colosseum. On our tours of Rome, visit the Vatican City and after marveling at the Sistine Chapel and architecture built over 2000 years ago, take a well needed rest on the Spanish Steps, the meeting place for most Italian lovers. Dine on the traditional local dishes of porchetta and spaghetti alla carbonara and compliment your meal with the sweet aromatic taste of Frascati wine. Then, throw a coin over your left shoulder into the Trevi fountain so you will be sure to return to the Eternal city again.

Most famous for Rome, the Lazio region is located between the Apennine Mountains and the Tyrrhenian Sea and its countryside is laden with fertile landscape, woodlands, and idyllic lakes. So, outside the pulse of Rome, you can experience the tranquility of the gardens and fountains of Villa D’Este and other villas that served as country retreats for the upper echelons of Roman society. Or venture out to the main villages of the mysterious Etruscans (Italy’s oldest known settlers).Many visitors also choose to visit Rome and then venture south to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast.

The central Italian region of Lazio has Rome at its centre but really has a great deal more to offer in addition to the “Eternal City”.  Well known as the cradle of occidental civilization and Christian culture, this ancient region of verdant hills, ancient roads and stunning architecture is well worth a visit.  It is backed by mountains, has the sparkling Tyrrhenian coastline and the beautiful Tiber river runs through it.

Ancient Rome had so many thermal water springs that an abundance of spas and bath houses were built and many survive today, although some are in a state of ruin.  The spa at Tivoli boasts splendid artistic features like the Villa D’Este, a wonderful Renaissance palace with marvelous fountains and gardens.  The Villa Adriana was once the residence of the Emperor Hadrian. Both of these villas are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

While Rome has an overwhelming number of sites of incredible architectural interest visitors should venture beyond the city into the tranquil and beautiful landscape along the coast or around the lakes like that of Lake Bracciano and Bolensa.  Bracciano is enchanting with medieval villages clinging to its shores.  Bolensa is actually the biggest volcanic lake in Europe with two islands in the middle.  Earlier settlers such as the Etruscans lived here.

The coastline, of course, offers a huge number of attractions.  A notable example is the Pontine Archipelago where scuba-divers can explore beautiful sea beds that are rich in flora and fauna.

Tour Lazio and let Your Friend in Italy show you the best of what this magnificent region has to offer with our Tours of Rome.

Rome and the Lazio region will overwhelm your senses in every way.


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