Tour Umbria

Nestled between the manic hustle of Rome in the Lazio region and the lavishness of Tuscany, lies the romantic and docile region of Umbria. Tour Umbria – the green heart of Italy. This fairytale land will captivate you with its magnificent landscape sculptured by lush gardens, waterfalls, hilltop villages and breathtaking views of elm forests and chestnut groves. Imagine the golden sun setting over the rolling hills dotted with castles, lakes and majestic mountains.

From the slopes of Monte Fumaiolo, a stream of water is born and wanders southward gaining breadth and strength through the Tiber Valley, offering a haven for extreme sports. This river flows on, passing the captivating towns of Orvieto, Assisi, Perugia and Spoleto just to name a few.

Umbria means ‘shadow’…a shadow that casts itself across the river valleys and tumbling hills. Umbria is a mystical place with its history and medieval characters of times gone by. Take a tour in Umbria, the home to famous golden wines so enjoy a wine tasting. It is also known for flavourful truffles, bustling village markets, ornate churches and some of the best preserved medieval castles in Italy so a perfect place for a destination wedding. The ideal positioning, diverse landscape, lack of crowds and undiscovered corners of Umbria make it one of the last untouched areas of this magnificent country.

Maybe it is the location, inland rather than hugging the coast.  Maybe it is the proximity of Tuscany to the west and Rome to the east.  Whatever it is, the Umbrian region tends not to be overrun by tourists.  It is a green verdant land of rolling hills, sparkling rivers, waterfalls and lakes.  In fact, the largest lake in central Italy – Lake Trasimeno – is in Umbria.

Like the rest of Italy though this region is steeped in history with some remains of Etruscan settlements to be found close to Castiglione del Lago, a stunning area with hills surrounding a beautiful lake. Then there is the ancient Roman town of Carsulae, a place where many important buildings have been unearthed along with the beautiful S. Damiano Arch.

Tour Umbria to discover ancient civilizations, going back three million years ago to discover the old Dunarobba Fossil Forest.  Many liken this to a lunar landscape with fossilised tree trunks standing starkly, frozen in time.

There is much to see and yet the lovely region of Umbria is never too busy to be enjoyed.  Some of the finest medieval castles in Italy are here; the rolling hills and valleys; the opportunities for outdoor activities; and not forgetting the vineyards producing sumptuous, golden wines.  You must agree that there are so many compellingly good reasons to tour Umbria!

Your Friend In Italy will help you indulge all of your senses. We invite you to experience the true heart of Italy with one of our customized Umbria tours.


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