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Volterra tours

There are so many wonderful places to visit in Tuscany and some would argue that a trip to the medieval hill town of Volterra is an absolute must.  It’s more famous  neighbour San Gimignano is undoubtedly spectacular with its spectacular hilltop position, numerous medieval towers and cobbled streets but is unfortunately overcrowded with tourists most of the time. Volterra, on the other hand, is more tranquil and a more relaxed experience for the visitor.

Our Volterra tours reveal this beautiful medieval hill town located in the Tuscany region and was an Etruscan settlement. It was very wealthy in the 4th century B.C. due to exporting minerals, iron objects and alabaster. More than two thousand years have passed since the Etruscans first began carving alabaster but it is still crafted today in the city of Volterra and, even today, Volterra is one of the best places to purchase alabaster in Italy.

Volterra lies about 12 miles from the more famous hill town, San Gimignano. However, Volterra offers equally stunning views, quaint shops, an excellent Etruscan museum and ruins, wine shops and more but with less crowds. Well, that is until it recently became very well known because of the New Moon film. New Moon is the second novel of the Twilight saga by the American writer Stephenie Meyer and the most important part of this book is set in Volterra. Although Volterra is featured in the New Moon novel, Montepulciano was chosen as the main location for the film. However, many fans are still visiting Volterrra and the town of Volterra offers Twilight-New Moon walking tours. Whether you are a Twilight fan or not, Volterra is definitely worth a visit during your stay in Tuscany!

The town attracts tourists with a location that offers stunning views from the quaint cobblestone streets.  Etruscan museums and ruins can be seen everywhere and there are many small shops selling local wine and other produce to tempt the discerning purchaser.  Its ancient walls and portals have survived the ravages of time since being built in the 4th C BC

The history of Volterra is almost overwhelming with surviving artifacts and buildings from every major period of history over the last two thousand years. Our Volterra tours take you to some incredible Roman remains that can be found like a water storage basin built in the 1st Century that enabled the collection of rain water for the use of citizens living in lower-lying areas around the city.

Volterra is a remarkable time capsule of Italian history that will not disappoint the traveler who leaves the well trodden path carved by so many visitors to Tuscany’s other, better known, delights. Contact an Italy Travel Expert, Your Friend In Italy, to help you plan your trip to Italy.


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