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Introduction to the Veneto Region

Venice, the enchantress of the Veneto region, will take you back into time as you walk up and down hundreds of small bridges that connect this magical city. You will get lost as you meander through the same alleyways where Casanova was known to seduce many women that crossed his path on our fun Venice walking tours. The stunning beauty of Venice will inspire you as it did Vivaldi, Hemingway, Wagner and Lord Byron.

“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go” – Truman Capote

Not only does the Veneto region offer the splendor of Venice, it offers the allure of Verona, historic cities of Vicenza, Marostica, Padua and Treviso and plays host to the 2nd largest wine maker in Italy.

Our tour in the Veneto also takes you to the Veneto wine country. You must sample the prestigious white wines found on the 42km (26-mile) Strada del Vino Bianco (the Road of White Wine) by taking a wine tour. And don’t forget to taste one of the prolific red wines of the Veneto region, Amarone. Find out more about Amarone in this Forbes article.

You should also treat yourself to a scenic tour of The Dolomites where you will find quaint villages, like Cortina, nestled in these majestic mountains.

The Veneto region, situated in the north east of Italy and is a land of contrasts ranging from the Dolomite mountain range to the breathtaking Venetian lagoon on which sits a city unique anywhere in the world.  Venice is a magnet for huge numbers of tourists and it is easy to see why.

Criss-crossed by hundreds of canals, some grand and some so narrow that the houses seem to tumble into the waters.  Beautiful bridges, fabulous architecture, and artistic treasures to overwhelm the senses – Venice is one of the truly “must-see” places in the world.  Many take the opportunity to see the city from the water, in a gondola or water taxi, but it doesn’t matter if you are on foot or in a boat.  Either way Venice will enchant and impress in equal measures and has a special kind of light which falls on it that has attracted artists for centuries.

And there is much more to the Veneto region. There are enchanting towns like Verona where Shakespeare set one of his famous plays, Romeo and Juliet.  The region touches on the eastern shores of the spectacular Lake Garda and one should not miss the wonderful Dolomites where pretty mountainside villages like Cortina are well worth a visit.

Whether it is the discovery of the many artistic treasures or just to marvel at the jaw-dropping beauty of this whole region, a visitor to Veneto will be almost overwhelmed by the diversity it offers.  You might feel that you need some relief from this relentless voyage of discovery so why not take advantage of the delightful thermal spas like those to be found in the Euganean Hills, for example? There is much to delight the senses in the region of Veneto and it is unlikely that one visit will not be enough. Visitors will return time and time again to discover its many treasures.

Your Friend In Italy will help you indulge all of your senses. We invite you to experience the true heart of Italy with a our tailor-made travel itineraries.


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