Italian Language Courses in Italy

Abbey School CiaoItaly: Learn Italian in Turin!

With its 14 km of arch-lined streets, a museum with the second most important Egyptian collection in the world, ancient works of art, internationally renowned film festivals and world famous sports teams, Turin is one of the most fascinating and mysterious cities in Italy.

Italian Language Courses in Italy

Underneath its Savoyesque exterior, pulses a heartbeat, which is sure to captivate and enchant any visitor to Turin. The traditions of Italy’s first ever capital live in the picturesque cafés and restaurants of the city center, while a complex industrial fabric and a first class University make it one of the most important technological and scientific hubs in the country. Learn more about Turin here: Turin Italy Guide

Learn Italian in Turin

Situated in an early 20th century building in the heart of the “Crocetta” district, one of Turin’s most elegant areas, and just a short walk from the Polytechnic, AbbeySchool CiaoItaly specializes in teaching the Italian language and culture to students from all over the world.

Learn Italian in Italy

The Italian language school was created from the multicultural experience and professionalism of the staff of AbbeySchool, which has been operating in the language teaching field with distinction since 1996, and now teaches as many as 18 languages using only native speaker teachers. In 2012 AbbeySchool CiaoItaly joined ASILS (Association of Schools of Italian as a Second Language – Launched in 2012, Abbey School CiaoItaly is now offering a Masters in Italian Language Didactics for newly qualified teachers.

Italian language courses available:

Intensive Italian language group courses

Composed of a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 students, the Italian language courses are suitable for students who desire to learn Italian in a dynamic and fun environment. They allow the achievement of linguistic skills adapted to the level being taught: grammar structures, extension of vocabulary, learning and improvement of pronunciation, conversation, comprehension, reading and writing. The minimum duration of the courses is 1 week with attendance from 15 to 20 hours of lessons per week, and the courses can be extended to more than one week.

Semi-individual Italian Language Courses

Composed of 2 students, the Italian courses unite the accuracy and the flexibility of a one-to-one course with greater interactivity. All levels of knowledge of the Italian language, composed of 20 hours, (elementary, intermediate, advanced, conversation, business Italian, etc.) are also provided for those who desire a more personalized program. This typology of course can also be organized at any time of year, either with intensive programs or according to the timetable proposed by the participants.

Individual Italian Language Lessons

For people who desire to learn Italian with a fully personalised program, these individual lessons are ideal for a student who wants to fulfill his/her professional requirements. These courses of at least 20 hours cater for all levels of Italian language knowledge (elementary, intermediate, advanced, conversation, business Italian, etc.). The flexibility of this typology of course enables the school to organize programs at any time of year, either intensively (on a daily basis) or according to the timetable proposed by the students.

Italian Language Courses for Asians

On demand, they can be organized according to all the aforementioned typologies. They are characterized by programs based on specially designed teaching methodologies, which take into consideration the phonetic and syntactic diversity of non-European languages, and by staff who are familiar with the main Asian languages.

Italian Language Courses for children

Composed of a maximum of 8 students, the courses are established for children between 5 and 13 years old. These courses offer the basic learning of the language by means of games adapted to the age of the participants. The lessons, with a duration of 90 minutes each, can be arranged on a daily basis or be organized according to a timetable proposed by the parents.

Moreover, the school proposes numerous recreational activities as well as food and wine workshops which allow the students to get to know the Torinese people and discover the cultural and artistic heritage of Turin and its surroundings.

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