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Sicily is the largest of the Mediterranean’s islands with around 700 miles of coastline.  It is separated from mainland Italy by the Strait of Messina and surrounded by the crystal clear waters of the Ionian, the Tyrrhenian and Mediterranean Seas. Wherever you are on the coast you will enjoy the warmth of the sunshine and the hospitality of the Sicilian people.

There really are too many sites of outstanding interest and archaeological importance to list here.  All the visitor really needs to know is that Sicily is an outstanding destination bathed in warm Mediterranean sunshine and brimming with historical interest, and that we have many tours of Sicily available.

Our Tours of Sicily include:

Sicily…a place where the mountains meet the sea (boasting around 1000 km of coastline). Welcome to the land of sun, where everybody is always friendly, sociable and greeting you with a warm welcome.

Some may know of Sicily because of the Godfather film but Sicily is definitely so much more! Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and is surrounded by crystal clear waters, the sun and tranquil beaches. Sicily is not only rich in beautiful landscapes; it offers a rich and diverse history.

When you arrive, you will not be sure where to start to discover this incredible island: start with a tour of Sicily in the magnificent volcano, Mount Etna (the tallest active volcano in Europe), visit the wine vineyards to taste the incredible Sicilian wines and local food; then there is Catania, with its monumental Cathedral and Baroque palaces; experience the fresh-fish market and unique chioschi on the street where you can try the most typical drinks…an experience you absolutely should not miss. Explore the coast from Acicastello with its Castle and the faraglioni of Acitrezza…an amazing view to see. Then, there’s Acireale, which is full of churches and we must not forget Taormina, the most famous and beautiful place in Sicily. Syracuse, Ortigia and Noto, patrimony of Unesco, and its Sicilian baroque architecture; Palermo full of monuments, churches and squares where the Sicilian Baroque will also impress you; the Valley of Temples in Agrigento and Segesta offering fascinating Greek history and ruins.

With its big and warm heart, Sicily will make you fall in love with its incredible atmosphere…full of different colors, sounds and aromas. The smells of an incredible variety of traditional dishes, great tastes, delicious sweets, juicy Sicilian oranges, cheeses and wines. The sound of people always talking to you about the unique sense of living in Sicily from the point of view from a Sicilian person.

Sicily…so rich in places to visit and unique experiences; it is an island you must discover….Sicily awaits you!

The island’s interior has mountains, vineyards and an abundance of historic towns and villages with so many things to explore and experience.  Medieval churches, squares and monuments are everywhere with Baroque and Greek influences in most of the architecture.  The largest active volcano in Europe – Mount Etna – is on the island and is a magnificent place to visit.

There are so many sites of archaeological interest in Sicily that its history almost overwhelms the visitor.  An outstanding example is Taormina, described as ‘the Mediterranean Pearl’, and is sited on a natural, sheer terrace above the sea. The ancient Greek theatre still stands here and is used for many cultural events and performances with stunning views from the seats to the sea below and Mt Etna in the distance.

The UNESCO world heritage site Agrigento is one of the most important towns of Magna Graecia. The Valley of the Temples takes the visitor back some 2500 years to a time when the ancient Akagras Agrigentum was a centre of power and learning.  Syracuse is an ancient Greek colony and is said to be the oldest place of habitation on the island.


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