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The Campanian coastline (or ‘Sorrentine peninsula’) stretches elegantly along the Bay of Naples.This region is most famous for the fabled Amalfi coastline of southern Italy with the cobalt blue waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea stretching from the Bay of Naples in the north to Salerno in the south.  In between is some of the most stunningly beautiful coastline anywhere in the world.  It is backed by mountains including Mount Vesuvius, the powerful volcano that sadly buried the ancient city of Pompeii and all its inhabitants.

This really is a popular tourist destination, enjoying a mild climate most of the year. Campania is rich in art and history, and the high cliffs, sweeping bays and hidden coves attract sailors and beach lovers.  The area is a great place to sample regional food and wine specialties with so many elegant restaurants in stunning cliff top locations overlooking the shining sea.

Some of the cities covered in our Amalfi Coast Tours include

Naples, the capital of the Campania region, is a densely populated metropolis inhabited with, it seems, more Vespas whizzing through the streets than people. The beauty of Naples’ monuments is sometimes overshadowed by the reputation of its delicious Margherita pizza (after all, it was invented in Naples). So, sinking your teeth into a pizza anywhere in the Campania region will be an unforgettable and delicious experience.

Heading south from Naples, the infamous Mt. Vesuvius looms on the horizon overshadowing the ruins of Pompeii…a city that was buried in volcanic debris when Vesuvius was an active volcano and erupted in 79 A.D. and better appreciated with a private walking tour. As you make your way along the coastal road towards Sorrento and further down the Amalfi Coast, the shoreline glistens with cobalt blue waters and is eventually accentuated with olive trees, vineyards and lemon groves. Sorrento is a lively resort town with plenty of shopping opportunities and the Amalfi Coast Tours will amaze you with its panoramic views…a private tour of the Amalfi coast will surely enhance your experience. And just when you thought the beauty of this area could not captivate you anymore, you come to realize that there is more paradise to be discovered in Positano, Ravello and on the islands of Capri and Ischia which, during antiquity, Roman emperors chose as holiday retreats.

Offshore are enchanting islands like Capri and Ischia.  Capri is beautiful and has always been a favourite haunt of jetsetters and Hollywood film stars of every generation.  Ischia is a real pearl of the Gulf of Naples with an abundance of natural springs attracting clientele seeking the ultimate in spa treatments.

Perhaps the biggest draw in the region is Sorrento, a town spreading over a terrace of tufo. It literally clings to the rock face with parts of the town seemingly tumbling into the sea. It is an architectural and visual paradise with citrus and olive groves a-plenty giving off their delightful scents wherever you go. Feel to ask us about our Sorrento tours which will leave you wanting for more.

And, as if all that were not enough to tempt the discerning traveler, there is the Italian traditional food! The Campania region claims to grow the best and juiciest tomatoes in the world and the famous Pizza Margherita originates from Naples, created in honour of Queen Margherita of Savoy. The famous Buffalo Mozzarella cheese is produced throughout the region.  So there is plenty of temptation in the Campania region. And don’t forget to explore a less know part of the region, Cilento. Here are Ten Things to Do in Cilento.

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